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Key Benefits

Quicker Planning

Import your jobs, allocate and optimise in minutes. You can also drag n droptimise™ from the map, make manual changes and generate customer ETAs.

Higher Productivity

Spend less time planning and more time increasing vehicle productivity and utilisation. Our quick allocation process makes this simple.

Lower Mileage

Our algorithms are proven to reduce mileage compared to manually planning your routes. Benefit from faster, smarter and more efficient planning.

Lower Costs

Reducing your mileage is only one way we save you money. My Transport Planner can also reduce planning time, driver overtime, and sub-contractor costs.

Fewer emissions

Travelling fewer miles will naturally help lower your emissions. Furthermore, My Transport Planner can also optimise your electric and other low emission vehicles.

Instant ROI

You pay just 99p per vehicle route, per day – and My Transport planner can save you much more than that, guaranteeing an instant return on investment.

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My Transport Planner is a revolutionary, pay as you go, web-based transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes.

The efficiency gains can be measured in five key areas:

  • A saving in planning time
  • A reduction in total mileage
  • An increase in productivity
  • A reduction in costs
  • A reduction in emissions

My Transport Planner can also optimise electric and hybrid vehicles, either on their own or as part of a wider fleet – and can consider infrastructure and recharging times.

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Use Cases

My Transport Planner is ideal for a range of use cases where vehicles visit several sites during each shift.

Our software can deliver substantial savings for companies operating in sectors such as logistics, courier, road haulage and final-mile delivery. It can also cut costs and carbon emissions for companies with mobile service engineers and field sales or marketing teams.

In fact, our algorithms can just about optimise any business with vehicles or people to plan or schedule.


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You have two options for using our platform; My Transport Planner and My Transport Planner Pro.

My Transport Planner is our PAYG version, where you can purchase credits and use our platform on demand. You use our import template to bring in jobs and resources, then you are ready to drag ‘n’ droptimise™.

My Transport Planner Pro has more advanced features, delivers additional functionality and is integrated using an API. This option is ideal if you want to integrate or embed our algorithm within your existing systems. Please talk to us if API is your preferred option.

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My Transport Planner’s pricing could not be more straightforward. Simply purchase credits using a credit or debit card – and pay just 99p per credit for each vehicle route per day. Each credit entitles you to optimise each vehicle on an unlimited basis before saving your routes and allocating to your drivers.

There’s no minimum contract duration, no minimum vehicle numbers and no limit on optimisation; simply use it when you need it!

If you have a large fleet, you can also benefit from our volume discounts or sign up for a fixed term duration and enjoy even lower pricing.



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What's New

Case study: Selco

My Transport Planner pay-as-you-go route optimisation is helping Selco Builders Warehouse to enhance customer service and save money.

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Case study: WEGO Couriers

A pioneering company in sustainable logistics is using My Transport Planner on a key home delivery contract.

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Case study: Classic Fresh Foods

My Transport Planner enables London home delivery operation for Classic Fresh Foods – and cuts its average van loading time by 67%.

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CEO is Top 100 Influencer

Colin Ferguson, CEO of The Algorithm People, which owns My Transport Planner, has once again been named one of the top 100 most influential people in the low carbon fleet industry by GreenFleet magazine.

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Motor Transport has cast its expert eye over our pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform, in a 12-page supplement. Inside you can find interviews including Selco Builders Warehouse and GPS navigation innovators, Sygic.

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