My Transport Planner

Coming Soon: A Revolution in Vehicle Planning

My Transport Planner is a revolutionary, pay as you go, web-based transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes.

For many businesses, route optimisation software is not user-friendly and requires complex IT integration with a lengthy fixed term contract.

My Transport Planner addresses these problems and provides all the benefits of optimisation, without the hassle of implementation.

Launching in early 2020, My Transport Planner will deliver an immediate return on investment, as it can cost less to use than the savings it generates, with measurable efficiency gains of up to 20%.

The efficiency gains can be measured in five key areas;

  • A saving in planning time
  • A reduction in total mileage
  • An increase in productivity
  • A reduction in costs
  • A reduction in emissions

My Transport Planner can also optimise electric and hybrid vehicles, either on their own or as part of a wider fleet and can consider infrastructure and recharging times.

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