A game-changer

It’s often said that COVID-19 has changed the world – and that is certainly true in logistics. Home delivery has doubled, terms like ‘urgent’ and ‘critical’ have become commonplace, staffing levels are problematic and supply chains are stretched. The industry needs game-changing solutions – ways to ease the pressure on supply chains and allow logistics and service fleets to be more efficient and responsive than ever, while protecting profit margins. Enter The Algorithm People.

They have developed My Transport Planner, an online, on-demand, fleet optimisation tool. It brings powerful commercial software to road transport businesses but with all the flexibility, ease of use, immediacy and pay-as-you-go models of the typical online consumer experience.

Forget long implementation processes, months of consultancy and noose-tight contracts. If you can buy something on Amazon, you have pretty much all skills you need to set up and start using My Transport Planner in minutes. And it works for all fleets from e-cargo bike couriers to full-weight, multi-depot trunking operations.

Motor Transport has become a super-partner for My Transport Planner because managing director Andy Salter believes this is genuinely a game-changer for fleet and road haulage operations.

“This is the first software platform which really allows fleets to log in, upload their jobs and vehicles in minutes and optimise their assets and routes, immediately,” he says. “It’s a huge boon in any kind of operation. There’s no fuss, no delays and it’s extremely cost-effective.”

“It’s particularly important that there is no capital outlay, instant ROI and no delay in seeing benefits,” he adds. “This is not a time when operators want to take commercial risks, yet they still need the benefits of first-rate routeing and scheduling. This is a no-risk, all-win product.”

My Transport Planner has a 30-day free trial, after which businesses buy credits for as many or as few vehicles as they want. At 99p per vehicle per day, The Algorithm People CEO Colin Ferguson says: “ROI is instant because the time you save optimising just one vehicle will be worth more than 99p.”

Of course, saved timed is just one of many benefits, with fuel efficiency, better asset utilisation, higher productivity and lower mileage all accruing with every optimised route.

Flexibility for all types of fleet

“Traditionally fleets have had to make a substantial investment in time and money to employ route optimisation software,” says Ferguson. “The costs involved have meant that it was never worth doing only for certain vehicles, or some contracts, or just to reformulate your milk runs. Inevitably fleets are left paying for software which isn’t benefiting their entire operation.

“This is different. Some fleets might only use it once or twice to reconfigure regular routes, or daily for regional collection and distribution but not their regular trunking. Or they may use it for their entire fleet across every depot in the country.

“Either way they will only be paying for their actual usage, so it very easy to compare the costs directly against the revenue of the vehicles optimised. And, indeed, the system can do that for you, visualising routes and showing revenue and costs per mile.”