A powerful proposition

The Algorithm People has rapidly built a network of partners for My Transport Planner, recently hitting the 100-partner milestone. This is a different approach to most route optimisation providers who focus on direct sales.

“We designed My Transport Planner to open up the benefits of route optimisation to SMEs,” says CEO Colin Ferguson. “Working with partners who are well established in key sectors enables us to very quickly reach those SMEs.”

Its partners are typically companies or consultants who already sell software or hardware to commercial vehicle operators. This includes compliance tools, transport management systems, navigation, and leasing or fleet management companies, right through to sector specialists such as electric vehicle charging experts Elmtronics. All partners receive either commission or a revenue share from any My Transport Planner sales they bring to the table.

“Route optimisation is a value-add solution for our partners,” added Ferguson. “It can be a unique selling point in their market, which helps them to stand out from the crowd. It can also help with retention by making their customers more sticky. The more benefits a business can bring to its client, the less likely that client is to leave.

“We also believe that My Transport Planner has several key selling points over competitor products. It has much more functionality than basic route planners and is a fully web-based system, so it enables working from home, which is going to be increasingly important. It is also able to optimise mixed fleets of EVs and conventional vehicles, which standard route planners can’t do.

“Compared to other optimisation platforms, it doesn’t require complex or expensive integration. Furthermore, as a pay-as-you-go solution, the time taken to convert prospects into sales is substantially shorter than trying to get a prospect tied into a long-term contract.”

Its network is broadly classified into three segments – super partners, partners, and referral partners. Super partners, like Sygic, are typically companies that are leaders in their field, with strong brands and a loyal customer base. For these businesses, route optimisation is a value-add for their clients.

Partners might offer My Transport Planner to their clients as it stands or branded as one of their own solutions. This can be the pay-as-you-go solution or My Transport Planner Pro, which can be integrated with their own platform via API. Referral partners are typically companies or consultants who receive a commission for referring a client to My Transport Planner.

“The platform can generate savings for companies operating in a wide range of sectors,” said Ferguson. “We have demonstrated return on investment to businesses engaged in road haulage, last-mile delivery, logistics, and courier services. However, it also works for any application where a vehicle visits multiple locations per shift, such as field sales and marketing teams, or mobile service engineers. In order to reach all of those potential customers, we need a wide range of partners, from specialists in a niche right through to multinational brands.”

Anyone interested in  joining the My Transport Planner partner network should email contact@mytransportplanner.com.


Key benefits for partners

  • Differentiation: Pay-as-you-go route optimisation can be a USP in your sector
  • Customer retention: A value-add solution to make your customers even more sticky
  • Additional income: Receive a revenue share from My Transport Planner sales
  • Enhanced portfolio: White label version available for you to brand as your own solution
  • Comprehensive support: Dedicated sales, marketing, and technical support


Key selling points of My Transport Planner

  • Much more functionality than basic route planners
  • Can optimise mixed fleets of EV and conventional vehicles
  • Does not require complex integration as per other route optimisation providers
  • Fully web-based system enables working from home
  • Sales take much less time for PAYG than for traditional optimisation