Are you agile enough?

Now more than ever, organisations need to remain agile in order to meet the changing needs of their clients and stakeholders. For fleet managers, this means full flexibility from the platforms they use. My Transport Planner is unique among route optimisation platforms, as it is available on a proper pay-as-you-go basis – no contract, no minimum monthly spend, and no usage requirements.

My Transport Planner was created by The Algorithm People to bring the benefits of route optimisation to small and medium-sized fleets. “I used to be a transport manager, so I understand the pressure that anyone looking after vehicles and drivers is under,” said Colin Ferguson, CEO, of The Algorithm People. “We approached the design and development of our platform from their perspective.”

Ferguson’s vision was to create a PAYG platform that was quick and easy to use, at an affordable price, delivering a strong return on investment, and that was fully web-based. My Transport Planner ticks all of these boxes.

EV compatibility

The set-up process is straightforward: Create an account, and import details about your vehicles, locations, and drivers. Users can refer to a library of tutorial videos to help them with any issues, and there is also an online user manual as well as a help desk.

To use the system, simply import the jobs to be done, along with any special customer requirements such as time slots. If some of your assets are electric vehicles (EVs), you can enter their range into My Transport Planner so it ensures they have sufficient charge to cover the distance required.

Users can click on a job to allocate it to a vehicle or can draw around push pins on a map to drag and drop a group of jobs onto a vehicle. If the vehicle is delivering goods, the platform keeps track of weight and dimensions to ensure vehicles are not overloaded.

Once all jobs are allocated, the user clicks the “optimise” button and the algorithms calculate the most efficient route and schedule. “It’s a very intuitive and user-friendly system,” said Ferguson. “You don’t need any previous experience of route optimisation to get up and running very quickly.”

Pricing model

Users simply use a credit card to buy credits, for 99p each. One credit pays to optimise one vehicle for one day, making My Transport Planner very competitive compared to other route optimisation platforms. Other payment options include PAYG invoiced monthly in arrears, while customers who want a contract are incentivised with substantial price discounts. They can also upgrade to a contract version packed with additional features such as a driver app. “The pay-as-you-go model enables anyone to try it out without having endless rounds of sales calls or signing a long-term contract,” said Ferguson.

“Software is increasingly available on a monthly subscription model, called Software as a Service (SaaS). However, in many cases you have to remember to cancel it in advance if you don’t want it; meaning it limits your flexibility. True pay-as-you-go means you only ever pay for what you need, when you need it.”

SME benefits

My Transport Planner was specifically designed to unlock the benefits of route optimisation for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Its customer base runs from family-owned businesses with a handful of vehicles, through to nationwide chains like Selco Builders Warehouse.

“There is no difference in the benefits whether you have ten vehicles or a thousand,” said Colin. “Our smaller customers can achieve the same percentage savings as the national fleets.”

The PAYG model also presents the opportunity for companies to regularly optimise milk round-style operations, where vehicles typically travel the same route and visit the same locations every day. “Once in a while it really pays to reassess your routes in order to make sure you’re still efficient,” said Colin. “My Transport Planner makes this type of regular review affordable and accessible.”