Case Study: Brown’s Dairies

Innovative route optimisation software has enabled a dairy doorstep delivery company to make the most of a surge in demand.

Tyneside-based Browns Dairies experienced a threefold rise in orders within days after the UK went into lockdown. The family-run business wanted a way to improve its delivery planning instead of manually managing the milk rounds.  It turned to My Transport Planner, the UK’s first fully pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform.

My Transport Planner uses powerful algorithms to calculate the most efficient routes and schedules, in a fraction of the time it takes a human to do the same workload. Through smarter planning, the web-based platform also maximises vehicle utilisation and minimises total mileage, reducing costs and emissions.

Jimmy Brown, of Browns Dairies said: “Lockdown led to a huge surge in demand for doorstep deliveries in Newcastle. My Transport Planner not only helped us to easily deal with that increase in orders, but also saved us more than 10 per cent on our total mileage for the rounds.”

Established over 40 years ago in Whickham, Browns Dairies provides fresh milk to local businesses as well as doorstep deliveries to homes. “After the initial surge, demand continued to grow throughout lockdown,” added Allen Brown. “With My Transport Planner it is very easy to add new deliveries into the rounds and re-optimise.”

Developed by Newcastle-based route optimisation specialists The Algorithm People, My Transport Planner was launched in May 2020. The first fully pay-as-you-go platform of its kind, users simply buy credits at 99p per vehicle route per day. Through the time and money savings it generates, the platform delivers an immediate return on investment. Customers include couriers and food delivery companies, through to national chains such as Selco Builders Warehouse.

Colin Ferguson, CEO of The Algorithm People, said: “Route optimisation has been around for some time now, but because of its price and complexity it was mainly used by larger fleets. My Transport Planner enables SMEs to enjoy the same benefits that bigger businesses already enjoy, without being tied into a long-term contract.

“We work with companies across the UK, but it was great to support a local business here on Tyneside. Browns Dairies provided a vital service to Newcastle residents during lockdown and has been thriving ever since. It is a great example of how pay-as-you-go route optimisation is a perfect fit with doorstep deliveries.”

My Transport Planner is designed to generate savings for van and truck operators whose vehicles visit multiple locations each shift. Applications include couriers, home delivery, road haulage and logistics, as well as utilities, mobile service engineers, and field sales or marketing teams.