Commercial Motor Show 2020

My Transport Planner aims to bring the benefits of route optimisation to small and medium-sized operators.

My Transport Planner is a web-based, pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It uses algorithms to calculate the most efficient routes and schedules for deliveries and collections, achieving up to a 20 percent reduction in total fleet mileage, and overall cost savings of up to 30 percent. Priced at 99p or less per vehicle per day – and with no monthly subscription fees – the platform can provide a fast return on investment.

Colin Ferguson, CEO of The Algorithm People, which created My Transport Planner, said: “Route optimisation is a must-have for larger fleet operators. The benefits are so clear that they recognise they cannot be competitive without it.

“With My Transport Planner, we have removed the barriers to accessing these benefits for small and medium-sized operators. You can sign up and be using the system within minutes rather than days. There is no drawn-out implementation process and our customers are not tied into long-term contracts.”

The platform is suitable for operators of all sizes, in sectors such as road haulage, logistics, couriers and last-mile delivery. When creating routes and schedules, it can take into account factors such as driver hours, customer delivery windows, two-person tasks, driver skills, and vehicle equipment such as chilled or frozen compartments, plus lorry loaders and cranes.

“All transport companies today use accounting software instead of writing in ledgers,” added Colin. “However, many are still manually planning their transport instead of using money-saving tools like My Transport Planner. It is a quick and easy way to make a positive impact on costs.”

The Commercial Motor Show takes place online from 29th September to 1st October. For further information on how to attend, visit