Greener cold chain logistics

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of temperature-controlled vehicles, CoolKit has a strong focus on sustainability. The company has developed a solution which eliminates the need for timber reinforcements that are traditionally used extensively in the vehicle conversion process. This alternative solution is lightweight and durable – increasing vehicle longevity and improving vehicle productivity by substantially reducing unladen weight.

Cameron Javed, Head of Technical Development for CoolKit, said: “By continually incorporating new materials and methodologies into our designs, we have been able to create refrigerated panel vans capable of transporting industry-best panel van payloads in excess of 1,200kg. In practice this means that fleet sizes can be significantly reduced, leading to a reduction in fleet operating costs, traffic congestion and roadside emissions.”

Building on this success, Burnley-based CoolKit is offering its customers a further way to reduce fleet emissions, after signing a partnership agreement with The Algorithm People. The deal enables CoolKit to introduce its clients to My Transport Planner, a unique pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform developed by The Algorithm People. Through smarter planning of routes and schedules, My Transport Planner can reduce total fleet mileage by up to 20 per cent, cutting costs and carbon emissions for fleets.

Gatty said: “At first glance, a partnership between a refrigerated van manufacturer and a software specialist might seem odd. However, many of our customers are involved in home delivery or last-mile logistics, which is precisely the type of operation that can benefit the most from route optimisation, though many don’t know it. My Transport Planner is an innovative tool that they can use to reduce emissions while also saving money.”

Colin Ferguson, CEO of The Algorithm People, which created My Transport Planner, said: “CoolKit is a trusted partner for many operators of refrigerated vans. The company has a strong ethos of using innovation to tackle greenhouse gas emissions, which of course is an objective we share. We both want to help fleets operate more efficiently and more sustainably.”

Crucially, route optimisation can help refrigerated van operators keep pace with other van users when it comes to cutting emissions.

“All companies with home delivery operations are under pressure to cut emissions,” added Ferguson. “Therefore, if fleets want to reduce emissions from their refrigerated vans, they have to think outside the box. CoolKit is already innovating with its pioneering use of lighter materials, helping to increase payloads and take surplus vehicles off our roads. The next logical step for its customer base is route optimisation to reduce mileage, enabling them to cut emissions and save money at the same time.”