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If you transport goods in sectors such as pharma, food, or essential goods, the chances are that right now you are swamped with work. Fleets are operating at capacity – and you probably also have additional sub-contractors to manage.

My Transport Planner is a unique online tool transport planning system that can empower you to easily deal with periods of peak demand, without tying you into a long-term contract. At the same time, it will plan your routes more efficiently, optimising vehicle utilisation and reducing total mileage. This ensures that you make the best possible use of your resources, while also improving your margins.

You might have looked at route optimisation in the past and decided it was not right for you. It can be a truly powerful tool for commercial fleets – but it can also be inflexible, complex and require a long-term contract. As a pay-as-you-go platform, My Transport Planner puts you in control – there is no long-term commitment, no minimum usage or minimum vehicle requirements.

My Transport Planner enables organisations of all sizes to increase vehicle utilisation, cut costs and reduce emissions from road transport. It costs just 99p per vehicle per day, yet operators can expect total fleet mileage savings of up to 20%.

Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to be working in a sector of road transport that is still incredibly busy, we can help. Our PAYG platform makes transport planning easy, while also improving vehicle utilisation and reducing total fleet mileage. Similarly, if you are experiencing a downturn, our tool can help you cut costs in your ongoing operations, improving business resilience.

Andy Salter, managing director of Motor Transport’s publisher, DVV Media International, said: “My Transport Planner is a truly innovative product which has the potential to transform the efficiency of road transport and logistics operators in the UK and beyond.

“An on-demand, web-based, user-friendly solution takes away any potential concerns over long-term contracts, training and installation. And best of all it delivers a near-instant return on investment.”

Free Webinar

We delivered a free webinar with Motor Transport magazine, which is the industry bible for the road transport sector and an official partner of My Transport Planner. Our webinar focuses on how our unique pay-as-you-go route optimisation platform can be an ideal tool for transport companies during this pandemic:

1. It’s entirely web-based, so you can use it when working from home

2. It’s a true PAYG platform, so you only pay for what you use, when you want to use it

3. For companies experiencing a surge in demand it can help with managing sub-contractors and take the pain out of transport planning

4. For those companies impacted by the downturn, it can help you cut costs and improve business resilience

If you missed our webinar, or want to watch it again, the recording is available here.