A true pay-as-you-go solution

My Transport Planner is a revolutionary, pay-as-you-go transport planning tool. It helps companies of all sizes to efficiently schedule their vehicle movements in a way which increases vehicle utilisation and cuts costs.

You simply buy credits and spend them to optimise your vehicles when you want to – it’s that easy! What’s more, as a web-based platform, it also enables working from home, making it ideal for changing work practices during this pandemic.

As a technology, route optimisation has been around for some time. However, it typically requires being tied into a long-term contract, as well as IT work to integrate it with your existing systems and software. As a fully online, web-based platform, there is no integration required with My Transport Planner – you can be up and running within minutes, not weeks. And thanks to our PAYG optimisation payment plan, you only pay for what you use. We do offer incentives for companies to move onto a contract, but you have the freedom and flexibility to choose.

Some route optimisation providers have minimum usage and/or minimum vehicle requirements – we don’t ask for either. You can optimise as few or as many vehicles as you like, from one to thousands.

Many companies, large and small, have set up home delivery operations as they adapted to lockdown restrictions and changing customer demands. My Transport Planner is the perfect route optimisation tool to help establish home delivery in a way that improves customer service while also reducing your costs.