We believe in full transparency when it comes to pricing, so you know where you stand and there are no hidden costs.

If you sign up for My Transport Planner on a fixed term duration basis, you can benefit from significant discounts, paying as little as 49p per credit.

If your business needs are more complex, then choose My Transport Planner Pro for its additional functionality, such as mobile apps and navigation.

You can switch at any time from PAYG to a fixed term duration to benefit from lower pricing, or switch from My Transport Planner to My Transport Planner Pro.

Talk to us to find out more about our fixed term durations and the added benefits of My Transport Planner Pro.

All prices are subject to VAT and additional charges will apply for re-optimisation after saving your routes. Please read our software manual and watch our video tutorials for more information. These can be accessed from the My Utilities page in My Transport Planner. We also ask you observe our fair usage policy, which can be found in our terms and conditions when registering for My Transport Planner.