Read all about it!

Read all about it!

Motor Transport, a trusted news source for truck and van operators, has taken a deep dive into My Transport Planner, including interviews with three of our customers.

Here’s a preview of what our clients had to say about us:

“This product is a game-changer for us. It’s allowing us to embrace efficiencies even with abnormal loads, which other products simply couldn’t give us.” – Richard Evans, Head of Transport Operations at Selco Builders Warehouse.

“It could do everything I needed very quickly. I have no experience of optimisation but we started using it straight away…I save the equivalent of a day’s salary just in better loading times and it has allowed us to scale the business.” – Peter Banfalvi, General Manager, Classic Fresh Foods.

“Managing the sudden spike in volumes without My Transport Planner would have been very time-intensive…It reduces our planning time and allows us to upload tomorrow’s jobs at the end of each day and allocate them to the right vehicles on the right routes.” – Chris Beattie, Company Director, WEGO Couriers.

You can find the full interviews inside ‘Game Changer’, a 12-page supplement from Motor Transport. This expert industry analysis includes an overview of our web-based route optimisation; how it works; and the key benefits it brings to users.

Along with the case studies, you will also find articles on some of our partners, including navigation pioneer, Sygic, and leading independent electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider, Elmtronics.

You can read the full supplement here.