Time to go Pro?

Although most users are starting with My Transport Planner in order to get a feel for the system, those who require multi-asset route optimisation – such as coupling trailers with artics, optimising across depots or scheduling tramping and overnight work – often move onto My Transport Planner Pro. This costs about 20p more per vehicle per day, but offers greater automation and multi-asset functionality.

My Transport Planner Pro is available now, and simply integrates via an API with the fleet’s existing transport management system and/or mobile applications. It can be set up and implemented within a couple of days. The API can integrate with any existing transport platform, with a little assistance from the software provider.

Pro comes with a mobile app for sending drivers jobs, customer ETAs, electronic proof of delivery, daily vehicle checks and dynamic satellite navigation.

The API takes away the need for manual inputting by drawing vehicle details and jobs directly from the transport management  system.However, it is still the same online platform and has all the same flexibility.

Colin Ferguson, CEO of The Algorithm People, which created My Transport Planner, said: “The big difference is that fleet managers can simply ask the system to optimise their drivers, vehicles and consignments automatically and it will do it all.”  Pro takes roughly the same time to do this as it would to run through the process in My Transport Planner. For example, 200 jobs should take well under five minutes to optimise.

My Transport Planner Pro comes with fixed term contracts, but the amount paid is still on-demand, so the operator is never paying for functionality which isn’t being used and isn’t saving them money.

“When people invest the time in integrating the platform with our API, they generally expect to be using it long term and it’s much cheaper for them to move to a fixed-term contract,” said Colin. “In practical terms no fleet will choose to keep paying higher costs when the contract can reduce the cost per vehicle from 99p to as low as 49p.”

Crucially though, fleets are still only charged month by month, on the number of vehicles they actually optimise – not a flat monthly rate.

What extras does Pro bring?

  • Integration with existing transport management system
  • Mobile app for job consignment, ePODs and dynamic truck navigation
  • Fully automated optimisation for up to 3,000 jobs at a time. Just press the button
  • Optimises multiple assets per job across depots
  • More extensive drivers’ hours provision
  • Automatically takes account of London Low Emission Zone and Clean Air Zones
  • International maps are available if needed
  • Optimises multi-day tramping
  • Dynamic planning in real time


My Transport Planner is designed to be self-funding from the off. There is no up-front capital expense and no commercial risk because you only pay for what you use.

The basic PAYG tariff is 99p per vehicle and Ferguson says that every fleet will save far more than that in time, fuel and vehicle costs on every optimised route.

And because fleets aren’t tied in, they can experiment with what parts of the fleet or types of contract benefit most.

“Our pricing is on our website and is completely transparent.” said Colin. “If fleets choose to take a monthly contract then it does become much cheaper – from 99p per vehicle to as little as 49p per vehicle – but they are still only charged for what they use so their monthly cost will go up and down depending up the numbers of vehicles they put through the system.

“This means the ROI is instant, because you haven’t paid for anything you don’t get an immediate and more valuable benefit from.”

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